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World's tallest buildings

Here are some wave patterns of the Global Banks. Most seem to follow the pattern of the global financial ETF IXG and Banking Index BKX. For some banks 2007 marked a Supercycle Wave V Top. For other banks it marked a Grandsupercycle Wave (V) Top, and the ensuring correction was more severe. General it was…

Could the Dow Industrials be hitting a Grand Supercycle Top?

Spinning Top i

It is possible that the Dow Industrials is currently hitting a Grand Supercycle Top. As you can see based on a historic stock market chart from 1900 – 2013¬†below, Aug 2013 marks the high of a series of tops of different degrees – all the way up to a Grand Super Cycle Top. Our¬†Wave Count…

  • Sep 8, 2013
  • Asia, Europe, INDU
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Engineered for strength

German strength

The German DAX30 has performed the most resiliently out of all the European stock indices. However it reached it’s Cycle Wave 5 top in Aug 2013, and the trend is now down. Germany has the best fiscal management in Europe, and hence the lowest bond yields. With unemployment only at 5.3%, it is also the…

  • Sep 4, 2013
  • DAX
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The calm before the storm

Calm before storm

The FTSE100 reached its wave 5 peak in Mar 2000. Since then it has traced out the A-B-C-D part of a triangle correction. Wave E of this triangle has just started and will bring prices lower in the coming years. The pattern in the FTSE100 is very similar to the US Stock Markets. Not surprising…

March for a better tomorrow

French austerity

The French CAC40 peaked in March 2000. Since then it has been in one long downtrend. Social mood is already quite negative with unemployment above 11%. We expect wave C down to continue which will bring prices much lower than the March 2003 low of 2,500..   The pattern in the CAC is very similar…

  • Sep 4, 2013
  • CAC
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Eurozone Crisis

Eurozone crisis

The Eurostoxx 50 is in the middle of at least a cycle wave degree C wave, that began towards the end of 2007. Eurozone economies and stock markets have both not recovered as much as US and Asia. This weakness seems to indicate that the degree of this top is larger than the US and…