Global Financials

World's tallest buildings

Here are some wave patterns of the Global Banks. Most seem to follow the pattern of the global financial ETF IXG and Banking Index BKX. For some banks 2007 marked a Supercycle Wave V Top. For other banks it marked a Grandsupercycle Wave (V) Top, and the ensuring correction was more severe. General it was…

Sun setting on emerging market bonds

Sunset i

Once seen as the hero of the investment community, emerging market bonds have completed 5 waves up from the Oct 2008 low, which is in turn a 5th Wave of a larger degree. This 5th wave up was fueled by the Federal Reserve cutting interest rates to zero, which in turn gave rise to a…

  • Apr 27, 2014
  • Asia, EMB
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Could the Dow Industrials be hitting a Grand Supercycle Top?

Spinning Top i

It is possible that the Dow Industrials is currently hitting a Grand Supercycle Top. As you can see based on a historic stock market chart from 1900 – 2013¬†below, Aug 2013 marks the high of a series of tops of different degrees – all the way up to a Grand Super Cycle Top. Our¬†Wave Count…

  • Sep 8, 2013
  • Asia, Europe, INDU
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Biting the bullet

Japan bullet train i

The Nikkei 225 has been in one big bear market that began in 1990 after the land bubble burst. At the time the land on which the emperor’s palace sat was said to be worth more than all in the land in California. Long term investors have been disappointed time and time again as rallies…

Taking the slow boat

HK Junk Boat

The Hong Kong HSI stock market has not been able to reach the lofty 30,000 level seen in Oct 2007. Corrective wave wave B has just peaked and the trend is now down as C wave unfolds. We will not see a bottom for the HSI until the low of wave A is breached –…

Prepare for the ride ahead

China Local Brokerage

China’s domestic stock market is the 2nd largest in the world after the US. Since 2007 when the stock market reached bubble territory and peaked we have seen the ensuing bursting of a bubble. Looking at the CSI300 below we can see that we are in the midst of a C wave down that will…

Asean Alert


There are remarkable similarities between certain Asean Market Indices today and just prior to the 1987 crash in the S&P500. Just take a look. The crash C wave is about to hit Asean Markets over the next few weeks. At the time of writing Asean currencies are also weakening and will continue to do so…