Sectors in which 2014 is a Supercycle Top

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The sectors in which 2014 is the wave V Supercycle top are Consumer (IYC), Services (IYK),  Healthcare (IYH), Industrials (IYJ) and Transport (DJT).

Together the account for around 47% of the weighting in the S&P500.

Out of a clear sky these stalwarts and loved sectors of the 2009 – 2014 bull market will drop suddenly and without much warning. This A wave will catch market participants by surprise and will be the start of a multi-year bear market.

INDU 1900-2013

IYC 27-04-14 14 yr

IYK 27-04-14 14 yr
IYH 2000 - 2014IYJ 27-04-14
DJT 27-04-14 1932 -2014