Sectors in which 2014 is a B wave top

Hanging off cliff edge

After a long climb to the top from 2009 the sectors in which 2014 is a B Wave or D wave top are Energy (IYE), Materials (IYM), Financials (IYG), Utilities (DJU) and Technology (Nasdaq Comp).

Together these sectors make up approximately 53% of the weighting in the S&P500.

So as you can see 2014 is about evenly split as a Wave V Supercycle Top and a Wave B Cycle Top. This combination will ensure the upcoming correction to last several years at the minimum.

IYE 27-04-14 14 yrIYM 27-04-14 14 yrIYG 27-04-14 14 yr
DJU 27-04-14 1932-2014Nasdaq Comp 1970 to 2013