Consumer Goods

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US Consumer stocks have reached a Supercycle V top in 2014. Cycle wave A down is to come. The Consumer Goods weighting in the S&P500 at 2013 year-end is 9.8%.

The patterns of the individual stocks within the IYK sector is a bit mixed. For some stocks 2014 is the Wave V Supercycle top whereas for other stocks wave V already topped in 2000 or 2007 and 2014 marks a Cycle B wave top.

IYK 27-04-14 14 yrWave V Supercycle Tops (Mkt Cap in $bn): PG ($225bn), UL ($129bn), PEP ($130bn), PEP 1972 - 2014NKE ($63bn)

PG 1970-2013UL 1988 - 2014
NKE 1980 - 2014

Wave B Tops: TM ($188bn), KO ($180bn), MO ($79bn), GT ($6bn)

TM 1976 - 2014

KO 1962-2013
MO 1970 - 2014
GT 1970-2013