One Final Push


Following the Fed’s decision to carry on monetary stimulus the S&P 500 shot up to a new record high. This looks to be the final push up of the entire bull market rise from 1900-present. We can count 5 waves up of multiple degrees – down from Grand Supercycle degree all the way to Minuette degree. The culmination of all these tops occurring at the same has never happened before, and this will ensure the coming correction will be sharp, swift, and be of unprecedented magnitude.

The 6 month chart below shows our wave count tops of Minuette, Minute, and Minor degree.

S&P500 18-09-13 6mth

The 5 yr chart adds tops of Intermediate and Primary degree.

S&P500 16-09-13 5 yr

From our long term chart we can also see tops of Cycle, Supercycle, and Grand Supercycle degree.

INDU 1900-2013